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About Us


A team of passionate individuals

The  Chris Mbulu Trust is dedicated to providing support for individuals between the ages of 13-18 and professional footballers. The charity aims to address prevalent concerns such as mental health, self-confidence, financial literacy, and finding purpose. By working alongside local authorities, education, E-T-E services, and other local charities, we strive to offer the best support tailored to the needs of young people. Our mentoring services, whether in a group setting or on a one-on-one basis, provide guidance, support, and advice as young individuals navigate the challenges of adolescence and prepare for adulthood. Through regular meetings, conversations, and activities, our goal is to help teenagers build confidence, develop skills, and achieve their goals. We aim to serve as positive role models and sources of inspiration for our young people

Empowering The Aspiring

The Chris Mbulu Trust is dedicated to supporting aspiring professional footballers in their journey to reach the next level. Organizing a yearly showcase game in front of scouts and managers from professional football clubs is a fantastic initiative. It provides these talented individuals with a platform to showcase their skills and potentially secure opportunities at a professional level. This event can be a pivotal moment in their careers, opening doors to new possibilities.


Professional Support

Our aim is to work with professional footballers, who will collaborate with qualified trainers and coaches to provide enriched coaching sessions and mentoring workshops.


The Chris Mbulu Trust recognizes the importance of having qualified health professionals involved in the running of therapy and holistic hubs. Their ad-hoc assistance can greatly contribute to the overall well-being and support provided to individuals accessing these services. 


The Chris Mbulu Trust has a specialized team of volunteers and professional footballers who provide invaluable support during match days, tournaments, and showcase games organized by the charity. Their dedication and expertise contribute to the seamless execution of these events, ensuring a professional and impactful experience for all participants. The involvement of these individuals enhances the overall quality and success of the Trust’s initiatives.


We aim to work with 100 young people in our first year and supporting them into some form of ETE!