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About Us


A team of passionate individuals

To honour Christian and his football career, the charity has put focus on supporting aspiring and professional footballers. The charity has set out to tackle prevalent issue deemed to be
of major concern such as: lack of emotional support for football players when released, psychological effect of long-term injuries, financial literacy skills and mental health issues e.g. depression, suicide and burnout. In addition, post-release matters such as, finding employment, self-image issues and finding a new purpose, will be addressed by the charity.


Empowering The Aspiring

For aspiring professional footballers, we will organise a yearly showcase game in front of scouts and managers from professional football clubs, where they have a chance to land a potential opportunity at a professional level.


Professional Support

Our aim is to work with professional footballers, who will collaborate with qualified trainers and coaches to provide enriched coaching sessions and mentoring workshops.


We also aim for qualified health professionals to provide ad-hoc assistance to the running of our therapy and holistic hubs.


A designated team of volunteers and professional footballers will provide support on various match days, tournaments and showcase games provided by the charity.


We aim to work with 100 young people in our first year and supporting them into some form of ETE!